Hi to all !
    This is my third Monday Shadow Challenge makeup and the color of last week was copper. That was a pretty difficult color to work with whereas it was very easy with gold and neon pink. I did think over what I was going to do for about 2 days before I started my makeup.
    As per usual, this makeup is atypical but I guess it's okay to get ideas for a daytime look in an artistic makeup.
    Shall we ?

    For this edition of the Monday Shadow Challenge, I decided to create a copper, grey and navy blue makeup. I went on the Internet to see what colors copper is mostly mixed with in a makeup so I would do something totally different? I found brown and beige, dark red, plum and navy were often used as a base for this sometimes flashy color.

    I also have to admit I didn't know exactly what kind of color copper was until a nice colleague told me "metallic orange". I would rather say "metallic brownish orange" so that's even more accurate.


    After I washed my face, I used my L'Occitane Ultra Rich shea butter cream and then some carrot oil on the driest zones of my face.
    After a homemade lip scrub (a teaspoon of sweet almond oil + a teaspoon of sugar), I applied some sweet almond oil and my Rêve de Miel lipbalm on my lips.


    I don't like wearing foundation or makeup on my face but for this makeup I wore a thin layer of the Max & More Nude compact powder.
    I then used my Pierre René Professional Eyebrow Set I talked about here. I wanted something a bit more different and original so in lieu of a blush I used some of the silvery eyeshadow Armor from the Naked Smoky eyeshadow palette. I blended it a lot so all we are really drawn by is the lip and eyemakeup. That's why you can't really see much of it anymore.

    MAKEUP !

    I used only two eyeshadow palettes for all of the makeup : Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette and Sleek's Original palette as well as three other products : ELF's Sheer eyeshadow primer, Pierre René Professional Hi-Tech mascara and a Max & More 002 Grey eyeliner pencil.

    I started drawing the eyeliner line with the London Rain eyeshadow from the Original palette : I love navy blue and I guess this kind of blue makes up for how orange copper is (complementary colors, remember ?). I just drew one usual line and a second one, just for the heck of it. I think I'll be using this kind of look again.

    I hydrated my lips again afterwards because I wanted to create an ombre lips look with eyeshadows : I needed my lips to be fully hydrated so that the eyeshadows would last.

    I drew the outline of my lips with the Max & More Grey pencil then I went inwards with Dagger from the Naked Smoky palette. It's a satin dark grey to die for. 
    I filled in the rest of my lips with Penny Farthing from the Original palette, a very bright coppery color.
    When that was done, I blended Dagger and Penny Farthing with a small EcoTools eyeliner brush and then pinched my lips together to blend the colors even more effectively.

    Once all was done with the lip makeup, I just drew coppery areas on my face : just under the nose, under and around my right eye and in the corner of my left eye. Just for fun.

    In the end, I applied Dagger under my bottom lashline and some of the outstanding Pierre René Professional Hi-Tech mascara before checking my ombré lips one last time.

    Tadaaa !

    What do you think of this once again original copper makeup ?

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